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Welcome to Project Owlnet

Founded in 1994, Project Owlnet facilitates communication, cooperation and innovation among a rapidly growing network of hundreds of owl-migration researchers in North America and abroad. By providing standardized methodologies, information on capture techniques, ageing and sexing resources, analytical tools, data archiving and other services, Project Owlnet makes it easier for ornithologists to lift the veil on owl movements and biology. Our listserve, SAWWHETNET, provides a forum to share questions and provide answers.

Although Project Owlnet began with (and retains) a primary focus on Northern Saw-whet Owls, its member researchers study many other owls, and Project Owlnet provides species-specific interest groups.

Project Owlnet has three goals:

  • Support the continuing expansion of a network of migrant owl banding stations.
  • Advocate the use of standardized, comparable netting protocols.
  • Improve communication and coordination among owl migration research stations in North America and beyond.

Project Owlnet was the brainchild of Dave Brinker, an ecologist with Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and is managed by Brinker; Steve Huy in Maryland; and Scott Weidensaul in Pennsylvania. The Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art provides institutional support, in cooperation with Penn State University’s Center for Environmental Imaging, and with funding from the RJM Foundation.